Pilot Progress Update #1: Pilot Installation Ready!

With great enthusiasm and moderate pride we announce the N.E.W.B.I.E.S. pilot plant is finished and ready to go on it first mission. Over the last months, in spite of many small and some larger technical difficulties that we had to face, intensive collaboration with our subcontracting parties has yielded an impressive result, both in design and in reality.

Acknowledgements go out to:

Kunststof Techniek Brabant

Responsible for 3D engineering of the plant design, manufacturing of the skids frame and custom-made plastics.

Pro Control Process Automation

As main subcontracting party responsible for overall project coordination of the pilot plant construction. Provided the process automation software and DAQ management software.


Translated our lab experiments to a full blown pilot plant design including the clearest P&IDs and material specifications. Responsible for skid assembly of all unit components and finalizing it to perfection.

Bart Ambacht

Turned an old shipping container into an energy saving, heavy duty, well-lit, climate controlled and safe mobile laboratory.


Provided experience and expertise in designing and manufacturing the core component of our technology: the ElectroDialysis stack.